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Produce Facts: Recommendation for Maintaining Postharvest Quality

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Authors: M.L. Arpaia, M.I. Cantwell, C. Crisosto, A. Kader, E.J. Mitcham, J. Mitchell, M. Reid, T.V. Suslow. 2015, 200 pages

Description: This publication is an updated color edition of the original 2002 publication. It features postharvest factors related to quality and maturity, storage temperature, respiration, controlled atmosphere, and disorders for each commodity. A photo guide is included as a reference for maturity stages, controlled atmosphere and temperature responses, and common disorders.

Table of Contents:


 Preface  Banana, Specialty  Eggplant  Onions, Dry
 Apple, Fugi  Beans, Snap  Feijoa  Orange
 Apple, Gala  Bell Pepper  Fig  Papaya
 Apple, Golden Delicious  Broccoli  Grape  Peach and Nectarine
 Apple, Granny Smith  Cabbage  Herbs  Pear, Bartlett
 Apple, Honeycrisp  Cantaloupe  Honeydew  Pineapple
 Apple, Red Delicious  Cauliflower  Kiwifruit  Plum
 Apricot  Celery  Lemon  Pomegranate
 Asian Pear  Cherry  Lettuce  Potato
 Asparagus  Chile Pepper  Lime  Pumpkin & Winter Squash
 Avocado  Cucumber  Mango  Tomato
 Banana  Date  Mangosteen  Watermelon
 Banana, Plantain  Dried Fruits and Nuts  Olive  



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