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Produce Professional Certificate

The Produce Professional Certificate program provides customized curriculum via in-person workshops and online video modules. Participants must complete 120 course points across a 4 year period to gain certification. One hour of instruction is equivalent to 1 course point. Points are earned through completion of in-person workshops or online modules where a passing score of 80% or higher is achieved for the corresponding quiz. We offer a 2 year retroactive option for participants who attended a Postharvest Technology Center workshop and would like credit for the course under the Certificate program.

The Produce Professional Certificate program is hosted by UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education providing participants user friendly access to course resources and quizzes at their convenience. Course resources include video lectures and PowerPoint handouts, which may serve as a reference for completion of the course quiz. Quizzes vary length and are dependent upon the length of the course. Quizzes may be taken multiple times until a passing grade is earned.

Earning a Produce Professional Certificate from the UC Davis Postharvest Technology Center equips individuals with a set of tools representing all aspects of postharvest handling. Upon completion of the program, participants will have demonstrated knowledge in produce safety, harvesting systems, cooling, packaging, transportation, quality, modified atmospheres and marketing fresh produce in addition to being up-to-speed on current research in these areas.

  • Taryn Pfalzgraf September 21, 2015

    Taryn Pfalzgraf September 21, 2015

  • Stefan Jan Michel Droogendijk July 24, 2014

    Stefan Jan Michel Droogendijk July 24, 2014

  • Chi-Tsung Wu January 10, 2016

    Chi-Tsung Wu January 10, 2016

  • Michelle Kong January 15, 2015

    Michelle Kong January 15, 2015


How the program works

  • Participate in 3 mandatory in-person workshops over the course of 4 years (enrollment fees for individual workshops apply).
  • Participate in additional in-person workshops through the Center (workshop fees apply) AND/OR complete online video modules to earn additional points required for certification.
  • Pass all course and online module quizzes with a minimum score of 80%.
  • Earn 120 points and receive your certificate.

How to earn points

Mandatory Courses (in-person participation on UC Davis campus required)

  • Postharvest Technology Short Course (40 points)
  • Produce Safety: A Science-based Framework (20 points)
  • Fruit Ripening & Retail Handling (16 points) or Fresh-cut Products: Maintaining Quality & Safety (24 points)

Additional Courses and Online Modules

  • Postharvest Technology Short Course Field Tour (25 points)
  • Online Modules (0.5 to 1 point each)



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