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PTC Newsletter

February 2014

  • 140+ Scholarship Applications!
  • Exciting Times Ahead
  • 20th Annual Fruit Ripening and Retail Handling Workshop will be held
    March 25-26, 2014
  • 36th Annual Postharvest Technology Short Course
  • 25% Discount on Strawberry Resources
  • Postharvest Technology Business Manager
  • Postharvest Physiologist Position at UC Davis (repeat announcement)
  • Thanks to Our Contributors!
  • Dr. Marita Cantwell invited to lecture at Wageningen
  • ISHS Board visits UC Davis
  • Dr. Adel A. Kader made Fellow of the ISHS
  • 2013 Dr. Adel A. Kader Award for Young Scientists
  • Citrus Postharvest Pest Control Meeting in Oxnard
  • Irving Eaks, Avocado and Citrus Champion
  • Recently Translated into French
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