University of California

PTC Newsletter

January 2014

  • Scholarship available for the Postharvest Technology Short Course
  • Full House for Methods of Measuring Fruit & Vegetable
    Color, Flavor & Texture Workshop!
  • Postharvest Physiologist Recruitment at UCDavis
  • 20th Annual Fruit Ripening and Retail Handling Workshop to be held
    March 25-26, 2014
  • 36th Annual Postharvest Technology Short Course
  • 25% Discount on “Fruit Ripening & Ethylene Management”
    workshop binder
  • Produce Professional Certificate Program Resources Continue to Grow
  • Postharvest Physiologist Position at UC Davis
  • With Thanks
  • Suslow Lectures at University of Foggia
  • Bruhn Reports on Student Sensory Experience
  • UC Davis represented in Keynote Speaker Lineup at Postharvest Unlimited Conference
  • Citrus Postharvest Pest Control Meeting in Oxnard
  • Crisosto Invited to National Mango Board Annual Meeting
  • Mitcham attends Global Horticulture Initiative Board Meeting
  • YouTube Channel Addition
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