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Postharvest Publications

Desiccant drying prior to hermetic storage extends viability and reduces bruchid infestation of mung bean seeds

Sultana, R., Kunusoth, K., Amineni, L., Dahal, P., Bradford, K.

  • Drying
September 2021

Protocol for postharvest seed drying and storage using zeolite dessicant beads

  • Drying
March 2018

New chimney dryer design results in faster drying due to higher air speeds

Angelos Deltsidis, Amrita Mukherjee, Mohd Islam, Lizanne Wheeler, Elizabeth Mitcham, James Thompson and Michael Reid

  • Drying
June 2018

Extension of small-scale postharvest horticulture technologies - A model training and services center

  • Drying
June 2015

Seed Systems – Improving Seed Quality for Smallholders

Kent J. Bradford, Peetambar Dahal, Johan Van Asbrouck, Pedro Bello, Keshavulu Kunusoth, Indra Raj Pandey, Luke Colavito, Jwala Bajracharya, Ganesh Shivakoti and Daniel Karanja

  • Drying
June 2013

Performance evaluation of an enhanced fruit solar dryer using concentrating panels

Stiling, J., S. Li, P. Stroeve, J. Thompson, B. Mjawa, K. Kornbluth, and D.M. Barrett

  • Drying
June 2012

Improving nutrition and immunity with dry chain and integrated pest management food technologies in LMICs

Dahal, P. et al.

  • Drying
July 2020

Solar chimney dryer a low-cost improved approach for nutritional dried fish

Mithun, B., Sazedul, M.H., Van Brakel, M.L., Hasan, M.M., Akter, S., Islam, M.R.

  • Drying
January 2021

The dry chain: Reducing postharvest losses and improving food safety in humid climates

Kent J.Bradford, Peetambar Dahal, Johan Van Asbrouck, Keshavulu Kunusoth, Pedro Bello, James Thompson and Felicia Wu

  • Drying
January 2018

Chimney solar dryer manual

Michael Reid and James Thompson

  • Drying
January 2018

10-cent DryCard to help farmers keep harvest safe from mold

Andy Fell

  • Drying
February 2017

Performance Evaluation of a Chimney Solar Dryer for Habanero Pepper (Capsicum chinense Jacq).

F. Kumi, J. Ampah, R.S. Amoah, H.A. Andoh-Odoom and M. Kodua
  • Drying
August 2020

Concentrated solar drying of tomatoes

Ringeisen, B., D.M. Barrett, and P. Stroeve

  • Drying
April 2014

Moisture Removal Characteristics of Thin Layer Rough Rice Under Sequenced Infrared Radiation Heating and Cooling

Ragab Khir, Zhongli Pan, James F. Thompson, Adel S. El-Sayed, Bruce R. Hartsough, Mohamed S. El-Amir

  • Grain Drying
  • Rice

Feasibility of Simultaneous Rough Rice Drying and Disinfestations by Infrared Radiation Heating and Rice Milling Quality

Zhongli Pan, Ragab Khir, Larry D. Godfrey, Richard Lewis, James F. Thompson, Adel Salim

  • Grain Disinfestation
  • Grain Drying
  • Grain Milling
  • Rice

DryCard™ — A low-cost dryness indicator for dried products

James Thompson, Michael Reid, Lucia Felix, Irwin Donis-Gonzalez, Bertha Mjawa, and Jane Ambuko

  • Drying
October 2017

How to Implement the Dry Chain - Handout

Feed the Future

  • Drying

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