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Useful Postharvest Websites

Useful Postharvest Websites

Most Useful and Unrestricted Internet Sites for Postharvest Information


Comprehensive Postharvest Handling Resources

  • - University of California Postharvest Technology Center. This website contains produce fact sheets and other handling information for specific products, an extensive library of postharvest publications, a bookstore of for sale publications, a yellow pages for postharvest equipment and supplies, a calendar of events organized by the Postharvest Technology Center At UC Davis and around the world.
  • - New Edition of USDA Agricultural Handbook 66 (Commercial Storage of Fruits, Vegetables and Florist and Nursery Stocks)

Global Postharvest Handling

Other University and Commodity Specific Postharvest Handling

Quality Standards

Pesticides, Additives, Organics, and Quarantine Requirements


Food Safety, Traceability, and Defense


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