Can you help with calculating the heat load for mango in an evaporative chamber?


I would like to know the mango heat load per ton of mango for evaporative cooling ripening chamber. The mango variety will vary from Alphanso, Totapuri, local, etc.  Also, who are the suppliers of evaporative cooling chambers for mangoes? (S.J.)


Proper ripening of various mango cultivars requires cooling fruit temperature to 20-22°C, which can best be achieved by forced air cooling with 10-12°C and 90-95% air in a cooling room with the appropriate refrigeration capacity. There is a list of US suppliers of cooling and storage facilities on our website (Postharvest Yellowpages), but I suggest that you consult with a local refrigeration equipment company in your area to help you with your needs. – Adel Kader