Cold store exhaust system needs for potatoes.


We have a cold store of potatoes that is 1700 tons.  We have a problem in selecting a CO2 exhaust system.  Can you assist by giving the amount of CO2 that this room will have and at what ppm that CO2 has to be exhausted.  The potatoes are stored at 10 deg C & 90%R.h. (S.M.)


As you read in our web site, potatoes do not benefit from controlled atmospheres and therefore we do not usually control their storage condition based on CO2.  From your question I assume you are operating your storage in a relatively warm climate and want to minimize ventilation air.  Based on the CA recommendations for potatoes in our web site CO2 should be kept in an environment with less than 10% CO2.  Most potatoes storages in the US are in a cold environment and we use outside air to cool the crop.  Ventilation air is controlled based on outside air temperature and potato temperature.


Let me know if you have more questions.  --