Can you help me with techniques to test 'in vivo' several fungicides on banana?


I am trying to test 'in vivo' the actions of several fungicides against 'Verticillium theobromae' in banana. To accomplish this it is neccessary to have available a good inoculation technique. The bibliography I have found is scarce and not very clear. Do you know of any good resources? (J.H.)


Here are some resources that should provide you with the needed information:


Basic screening methodology:

C.L. Igeleke and D.K.G. Ayanru , 2007. Evaluation of fungicides on growth and conidial germination of Verticillium theobromae isolated from plantain. Journal of Applied Sciences, 7: 531-535.


This has in vivo methodology:

Sulali Anthony, Krishanthi Abeywickrama, Ranjith Dayananda, Shanthi Wijeratnam and Luxshmi Arambewela,  Fungal pathogens associated with banana fruit in Sri Lanka, and their treatment with essential oils. Mycopathologia, Volume 157, Number 1, 91-97, DOI: 10.1023/B:MYCO.0000012226.95628.99

-Trevor Suslow