Do fluctuations in transit temperatures affect Fuyu Persimmons?


I’m seeking for the best post-harvested temperature of persimmon-Fuyu. I was looking at your website and found some information. Unfortunately I don’t understand how to handle “Fuyu” the best way. Is it correct that between 0+- 1°C the best post-harvested temperature is reached, thus “Fuyu” is not sensitive? Do I rightly understand that if I immediately chill and reheat the fruits from 20°C to 0°C and other way around I will not have injury problems? (S.H.)


Although Fuyu persimmons are susceptible to chilling injury, it is best to cool them after harvest to 0C and keep them at this temperature (and 90-95% relative humidity) during transport and storage. This is because chilling injury symptoms (such as internal browning) develop very slowly at 0C and ethylene effects (accelerated flesh softening) are greatly reduced at 0C.


Since Fuyu persimmons are very sensitive to ethylene action, it is important to avoid mixing them with ethylene-producing fruits such as apples and pears. If the Fuyu persimmons are not exposed to ethylene during storage at 0C for up to 6 weeks, they will retain their firmness for one week or longer during marketing at 20C. Again, it would be better to keep the Fuyu persimmon away from ethylene sources during marketing at 20C to delay their softening unless they are packaged in modified atmosphere packages (3-5% oxygen + 5-8% carbon dioxide, balance nitrogen) that will protect them from ethylene.

– Adel Kader