Why is our zucchini splitting?


I have been looking for information on what causes vertical burst on zucchini. We have had several loads come in and after the fact we are seeing this issue I need to explain why this is happening and I have been unable to find any information on the subject.  Anything you may have to help would be greatly appreciated. (L.K.G.)


I have never seen this problem, but I suspect that these zucchini were soaked or hydrocooled and perhaps left too long in water.  Since zucchini are susceptible to water loss and the associated loss in visual quality, it is common to cool them with water.  They will absorb significant amounts of water through the delicate skin (3-4%).  Also if they are fully or excessively hydrated and then packaged with a film liner to prevent water loss, there can be splitting.   What type of packaging is being used?  Also they look on the mature side and seeds continue to grow inside at warmer temperatures.  Another consideration is handling, any drops or rough transport with turgid product might lead to cracking. Obviously I am speculating, but I hope that it may assist you with asking some questions about the initial handling of the product to resolve the issue.

–Marita Cantwell