Do you have information about storing dried fruit in freezer conditions?


Our company is interested in knowing ideal storage conditions of dried fruit. Specifically, we would like to store dried fruit in freezer conditions. This is dehydrated, not freeze dried, fruit. Could you direct me to any resources on the subject, do you have any recommendations? (C.W.)


I have some reliable data for dates and I suspect it is similar for other dried fruits.

Semi-soft dates (Deglet noor, Halawy, & Zahidi) can be stored for one year at 32°F and 75% relative humidity; and over a year, sorry this is not more specific, at -18°F and 75% relative humidity. Soft dates (Medjool, Barhee, Khadrawry, Maktoom & Dayri) storage times are 6 months at 32°F and more than 6 mo. at -18°F and again the relative humidity must be less than 75%.

If you are not able to achieve low enough relative humidity you can store properly dried fruit in sealed plastic liners or bags. However be sure and check the fruit for quality every 1 to 2 months. Bring samples out of storage, let them warm and equilibrate with room conditions for several days. Keep the fruit in a sealed bag while it is warming so excess moisture does not condense in it. Then evaluate for quality using your standard procedures.         

-Jim Thompson