The Center was founded in 1977 by Adel Kader to organize and coordinate knowledge transfer regarding reducing postharvest losses and improving the quality and marketability of fresh horticultural products. The research findings disseminated during this era by Kader and a cadre of colleagues are the cornerstone and foundation for our current year-round supply and global sourcing of quality fresh and minimally processed produce and cut flowers.

We strive to remain a leading source of information on the quality, safety, and marketability of produce and to sustain the viability of the Center for the next generation of scientists and practitioners. Our immediate goal is to broaden the level of involvement among our basic, applied, and extension faculty and use the Postharvest Research and Extension Center platform to distill, translate, and disseminate emerging technology advancements to a broader industry and affiliated stakeholder audience.

The Postharvest Research and Extension Center is housed in the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis. The Center is self-supporting and depends on income from workshops, publication sales, and our Endowment Fund to maintain center activities.