Want to sharpen your produce knowledge, increase your profits, and satisfy your customers? Consider enrolling in one of the annual workshops and short courses at the UC Postharvest Technology Center. Peruse our variety of educational programs delivered by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. We welcome you to learn more about our offerings by clicking on the links.




Fruit Ripening & Ethylene Management Workshop


Our Fruit Ripening & Ethylene Management Workshop is designed for shippers, wholesale and retail fruit handlers, and produce managers who are involved in handling and ripening fruits and fruit-vegetables. Learn how to increase profits by reducing losses at the receiving end, and delivering delicious, ready-to-eat fruits and fruit-vegetables to the consumer.


Fresh-Cut Products - Maintaining quality & safety workshop

Consumers demand delicious fruits and vegetables that have been cleaned, washed, sanitized, cut, packaged, and held under refrigeration until consumption. These demands require fresh-cut processors and handlers to meet rigorous standards. Our Fresh-cut Products Workshop provides industry professionals with an intensive and substantive overview of fresh-cut production, processing, packaging, distribution, and quality assurance.

Horticultural crop short course

The Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops Short Course provides a two-week intensive study of the underlying biology principals and latest technologies used for handling fruits, nuts, vegetables and ornamentals in California. Produce handlers, quality-control personnel, service companies, research and extension workers, and business, government and academic professionals interested in current advances in produce handling, storage, transportation, safety and marketing will benefit greatly from this information-packed short course.

Emerging Technologies - Addressing grand challenges in the produce industry workshop

Emerging technologies can revolutionize how fresh produce is harvested, handled, stored, transported, and distributed from farm to table in the modern age. The UC Postharvest Technology Center, Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering, and UC Davis World Food Center present Emerging Technologies: Addressing Grand Challenges in the Produce Industry Workshop. Academics, extension experts, and industry representatives unite to discuss and propose solutions to labor shortages, sustainability issues, consumer demands and other industry challenges.


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