Is my yellowing organic broccoli OK to eat?


What happens to the nutritional aspect of Broccoli that has yellowed after a week in  the fridge?  Can we still eat it?  I have always put it into the compost bin.  I get my Organic Broccoli at the Farmers Market 2 or 3 times a week.  But with the economy, I have cut back on my trips and find myself with what seems to be over-ripe Broccoli.  To eat or to compost, that is the question.  (L.D.)


The nutrient content unfortunately degrades every day, at different rates depending on the storage temperature. You might be interested in the paper we published recently – not on broccoli but on leafy greens. Storage and home cooking can cause quite a large decline in both color and Vitamin C content. Even though it’s yellow it may still have a good amount of fiber, which is also important for digestion. It is probably still ‘safe’ but may not be as tasty or as nutritious! –Diane Barrett