Center Activities

The Postharvest Technology Center is housed in the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis. The Center is self-supporting and depends on income from workshops, publication sales and our Endowment Fund to maintain center activities.

Our core center activities include:
  • Workshops & Short Courses
    A two-week short course on postharvest technology of horticultural commodities is presented each year in late June. It includes 5 days of lectures, discussions and demonstrations, and an optional five-day field trip to major production areas in California. We also offer yearly educational programs on management of fruit ripening, and maintaining quality and safety of fresh-cut products. Workshops of 1 to 3 days are held in various locations throughout California on postharvest handling of fruits, nuts, vegetables and ornamentals.
  • Website
    Our website is visited over 1 million times per year. It is comprised of more than 500 pages and 2,000 documents containing useful postharvest information.
  • Bookstore
    Available through our bookstore are approximately 50 titles providing the latest information on a wide range of postharvest technology topics.
  • Newsletter
    We distribute a free monthly e-newsletter featuring information about new content on our website, upcoming courses, new publications written by UC postharvest specialists, and current events.
  • Consultations
    Individual consultations in person and by phone constitute an important route for evaluating industry problems and extending information to California's shippers, handlers, and the general public.
  • Industry Meetings
    Our members present research results and postharvest information at meetings of various industry organizations. Local meetings are also held in cooperation with farm and family, nutrition and consumer science advisors to disseminate information about proper postharvest handling procedures.
  • Industry Liaison
    We maintain close cooperation with various trade organizations, such as the California League of Food Processors, International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, Produce Marketing Association, National Perishable Logistics Association, Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association, and the United Fresh Produce Association. We also maintain close liaison with the California Advisory Boards and Commissions for various horticultural crops.