How can I extend lime fruit storage life?


I read your web site and found information with regard to lime citrus postharvest handling practices. I would like to try to extend lime fruit storage life under 25C using a low cost cooling chamber. I am also considering adding potassium permanganate as an ethylene absorber. (C.G.)


25C is not a preferred holding temperature for storage of limes.  It is much preferred to store them at least at 15C.  However if you are limited to this temperature and wish to slow the rate of coloration of the fruit from green to yellow you may wish to consider dipping the fruit in GA3 prior to storage.  I would also suggest you consider washing the fruit and treating the fruit with a storage wax and fungicide.  The wax will slow down peel drying, a problem for limes.  I am not optimistic that potassium permanganate will make a large difference unless you have identified sources of ethylene contamination.  If you do use potassium permanganate I suggest you regularly monitor the color of the material and change regularly. – Mary Lu Arpaia