We are having calyx browning problems with our eggplant, can you help?


I am working for a private concern with fresh fruits & vegetable exports. We are frequently having calyx browning problems in egg plant. We maintain the product at 10 degree Celsius and 90% relative humidity. We took care of handling of produce and forced air precooling @ 6 degree Celsius, but the problem was not solved. Please advise.  (S.S.)


Based on the photo, these eggplants have substantial areas of damage and so I think the calyx browning is the least of your worries.  In my experience the calyx browning is related to water loss (which can occur at the conditions that you have) and chilling injury.  In the latter case, the entire calyx changes color whereas in the case of water loss, the edges show browning first.  That seems to be what you have occurring. For more information and photos showing calyx defects and chilling injury symptoms see these linked photos.

-Marita Cantwell