How to keep lychee fresh for 25 - 30 days to import from China.


Our company is trying to import lychee from China to California, and we are looking for a kind of method to keep lychee fresh for about 25 to 30 days.  Please advise and provide more technical information about "how to keep lychee fresh for 30 days so when we import them, the fruit will still be fresh and edible."  (B.L.)


The optimal conditions for postharvest handling of lychees are summarized in the Produce Facts of lychees on our website (  The most critical factors in determining postharvest-life are temperature and relative humidity.  If they lychees are handled gently and promptly cooled to 2C (36F), and shipped without delay at 2 to 4C (36-40F) and 95-98% relative humidity, their quality will be maintained for 3 to 5 weeks, depending on variety and quality when shipped from the production site.  Packaging in perforated plastic film (box liner or bags) can greatly reduce water loss which contributes to browning of lychees.  Attaining 30 days of postharvest-life will require paying attention to all the details related to assuring the proper temperature and relative humidity ranges from the production site to the retail store site.

- Adel Kader