Can you suggest some ideas for my study on improving the postharvest life of tomatoes?


I’m an engineering student in industry and food safety in Morocco. My final project focuses on tomatoes, my theme is the improvement of the postharvest life of tomatoes. We have made some tests to decrease some defects, for example:

- treatment by NaCl to reduce tomato cracking

- storage in cool room

- oxidation of ethylene by KMnO4

Do you have additional technical suggestions concerning this postharvest tomato theme? (A.B.)


Other technologies that are used commercially or being tested commercially that you should be aware of are:

1)       Use of 1-MCP to regulate tomato ripening

2)       Use of ozone in storage rooms to maintain low levels of spores

3)       Analysis of aroma volatiles with respect to storage temperatures

-Marita Cantwell