Shredded carrots used in baking



We purchase carrots and we shred them and use them to make carrot bundt cakes. The pH of the cake is 9.0. Baking Soda and Eggs make the cake basic, all other ingredients are neutral or acidic. SOME of the shreds are orange and some are green inside each cake. Why? (D.E.)


This is an interesting question! I am not sure what is going on here. Green usually indicates the presence of chlorophyll, which is more indicative of immature plant tissue. Chlorophyll (green) disappears and carotenoids (orange) are formed as fruit and vegetables mature.

However, if ALL the shreds were originally orange, and then they turned green after mixing with the other cake ingredients you may be seeing formation of a metal complex such as copper. Is this a possibility? (i.e. are you using mixing equipment containing copper?)

-Diane Barrett