What is the recommended method of storing dates in my home?


I am in receipt of 12 pounds of Medjool dates. What is your recommendation for storing the dates in my home for an extended time ( at least 3 months)? I've been advised to use both the refrigerator and the freezer. I defer to your expertise. Thank you. (N.B.)


Storing these dates (preferably in a moisture-proof container) in the freezer (about -18C = 0F) will maintain their quality much better than storing them in the refrigerator (about 5C = 41F). It will also kill any insect eggs that might be on the dates (dates are usually fumigated or frozen for a few days soon after harvest to kill any insects that might be present at that time, but unless they are packaged in insect-proof packages, they can be reinfested ). Because of their high sugar content, freezing dates does not have detrimental effects on their texture as happens with other fruits.

–Adel Kader