Asparagus discoloration after shipping.


I am a product manager of fresh vegetables. I was just reading your web page about post-harvest conservation of asparagus.  We have started to import them and we have some quality issues.  They are shipped utilizing a microperforated stretching film.  At arrival, the quality is splendid and after 3 days at 4°C, we have a kind of discoloration appearing.  Do you have any idea where it could come from? Possibly dehydratation, chilling injury, or oxidation due to close atmosphere within my stretching film, etc.  We appreciate your help. (A.C.) 


The photos you included appear to show symptoms of chilling injury and not CO2 injury. However, based solely on photos this could be misleading. If the temperature datalogger records or known cold chain management and transit time is not consistent with the induction of chilling injury (often only developing clearly after a few days transfer to warmer temperatures) then more information on the handling and potential for exposure stresses would need to be evaluated.

–Trevor Suslow